Should we make a mobile app?

Consider the various operating systems.

Consider Apple’s iOS.

Consider Google’s Android.

Consider Microsoft’s Windows.

Consider RIM’s Blackberry.

Liquid Layouts

Nothing is trueThis project aims to unravel the questions around mobile apps and websites built for handheld devices like smartphones and tablet computers.

My aim is to show why and how it is better to create one website that works on all devices, from desktop computers to all of the above, and any future devices.

Liquid layouts combine fluid elements that respond to media queries and adapt their sizes accordingly.

The possibilities with liquid layouts are endless. Completely different layouts can be customized to match various monitors and screen sizes.

With fluid elements, it is possible to future-proof your website.

Nothing is true. Everything is permitted.

Should we make a mobile website?

Consider the costs of maintaining two websites, versus only one.

Consider the use of different domain names, versus only one.

Consider the user’s expectations.

Consider a consistent look-and-feel.

Consider a congruent user experience.