No need to ask

There are no rules ’round here.

You make your own permissions.

It’s usually a good idea to have a plan.

Everything that’s good started with a plan.

With a plan, everything is permitted.

Make new rules

Nothing is trueLiquid layouts let you do anything you want, in terms of both design and functionality.

Ideally, aim for a common look-and-feel for the site. For this project, I’ve intentionally mixed it up to illustrate the possibilities.

Depending on monitor width or screen size, this site reconfigures its layout and switches backgrounds. It also scales images and text sizes to fit the device you’re using. Video, too, can be scaled this way.

You can test this liquid layout by resizing your browser window (desktop) or rotating your handheld device (mobile).

Of course, not all web browsers are up to scratch, and this is especially true in the mobile market. Tested with Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE9.

When truth is variable, there are no rules.

No app required

Liquid layouts can fit all screen sizes, even televisions.

And you only need to build one website to fit them all.

By all means, play in the app market. It’s cool, but it’s not required.